The Basic of Food Calorie Counter and Daily Calorie Counter

Food Calorie Counter

Daily Calories - Calories GeniusUsing a food calorie counter is one way to attain a weight objective. With a food calorie counter, you have a reliable guide that you can consult when you want to gain weight, lose weight, or even maintain your current weight. To utilize the food calorie counter method, you will need to determine the number of calories that you have ingested and supervise your food intake based on the weight that you want to attain. Here are some of the things that you should know about a food calorie counter and how it works.

A calorie is a unit of energy and it measures the amount of energy that we gain from eating a particular food. The calories that we get from food provides us with energy that enables us to do things. In addition, calories are also used by various body systems in order for them to keep going. For example, we burn calories whenever we breathe. However, whenever we eat too much, our body does not use up all the calories we have obtained from eating. Due to this, our bodies transform the surplus calories into fat, which in effect also makes us heavier.

A food calorie counter will allow us to know if what we are eating are less than or beyond what our bodies would normally need to function everyday. The knowledge of how much calories we put in our bodies will give as an idea of the necessary changes that we need to do in our diet in order to attain a weight goal.

A lot of people do not prefer this method of losing or gaining weight since they believe that measuring your calories is very hard to do, thus they go for more specific dieting systems instead. However, with a food calorie counter, you do not necessarily have to avoid the foods that you love to eat whenever you wish to reduce your weight. What you only have to do is watch out for the amount of each particular food that you eat. Furthermore, there are numerous online sources that you can look up when making use of a food calorie counter.

The Basics of Daily Calorie Counter

A daily calorie counter is one of the most fundamental tools that you will need of you want to find out how much calories do you require each day. The result that you will get from it is quite useful if you have particular weight plans in mind. Once you know your daily caloric expenditure via a daily calorie counter, you can now easily gain or lose weight by controlling your calorie intake. Here is a guide on how to use a daily calorie counter.

First of all, you will need to find a daily calorie counter website. There are numerous of them in the internet and finding one using a search engine shouldn’t be a problem at all. Once you have already found one, you need to fill in the required fields in order to calculate your daily caloric expenditure. You need to input your weight, height, gender, and age. You also have to choose your daily activity level, from sedentary, light, moderate, active, or very active. Make certain that the data that you have answered are the most recent as the accuracy of the result depends on this.

After filling up the required fields, hit the ‘submit’ or ‘calculate’ button so that the daily calorie counter will calculate your daily caloric expenditure. The daily caloric expenditure is an estimate of how many calories that you burn each day. In other words, it is the amount of calories that you have to get everyday in order to retain your current weight. If you intake that amount of calories everyday, there won’t be leftover calories that your body will turn into fat.

Moreover, if you intend to lessen your weight, you need to cut down your daily caloric intake by 500-1,000 less than your daily caloric expenditure. One more thing that you can do is exercise more so that your net daily caloric intake is not as high as your daily caloric expenditure, which will allow you to continue eating the same amount of food. Finally, if you want to gain more weight, just do the opposite by eating 500-1,000 more calories than your daily caloric expenditure.

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